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fake Gibson or real one?


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'Sup guys.


Not sure how to do this stuff, but I needed some help in verifying the existence of a Gibson U2.

I don't have pics, as I say, I am really illiterate when it comes to doing these forum things, but I need to check if it is legit....


Allegedly, the guitar was a limited edition, named after a British Spy plane, the U2 Bomber, that was crashed over enemy lines in the U.S.S.R by one Gary Powers, back in the day.....


Please, if you can help verify or debunk this, i would be gladly appreciative....


I don't have a permanent or even consistent connection to the internet, so if you could send reply mails to my work mail address, design@apexstationers.co.za, I would be of high appreciation.......


Thanks and have a good one.




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Hey Dane,

Minor point maybe, especially in the context of this thread, but the U2 was NOT a British Spy plane, or a U2 Bomber.

The one that crashed over enemy lines in the U.S.S.R with Gary Powers, back in the day, was made in the USA.

Lockheed was the company that built it.

Carried nothing more than a big *** camera and a bunch of fuel - no weapons...


The Brits built the Canberra bomber that we used extensively.

Your confusion may come from a stretched wing version of the Canberra operated by NASA beside their U2.

Used for high altitude atmospheric research, but looks little like a U2 other than long wings.


Rock on...


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I mailed Gibson about the guitar in this thread (posted by randy' date=' not the u2 guitar).


They told me to shut my mouth about it as it was supposed to be unveiled next month and they can't figure out how randy got that pic.


It's the soon to be released "holy LP".[/quote']



I do windows too.

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