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Gibson J 200 my 1989 side dots diameter


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thanks for your reply. I was thinking  it was 2 millimiter but I' m shure is more. I bought 2 millimiter dots but they seem to me a bit smaller than the old ones.  don't you have a digital or also a normal caliper to measure them accurately?

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50 minutes ago, Brucebubs said:

Martin does that knowing the binding is just going to fall off anyway.

I know. When I but a new Martin, I immediately take it for a neck reset and crazy glue the binding back down.

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4 minutes ago, Brucebubs said:

Makes sense, you know you're gonna need to do it anyway so why not save time.

Right, so I’ve owned 14 of them  and all 14 have never needed a neck reset (one day they might) and the binding  on all of them has never come loose. 

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6 hours ago, Sgt. Pepper said:

What is .38 mm between guitar players. Just mark it with a Sharpie.

'Did that before, and it works for a surprisingly long time. But it wasn't a J-200.


5 hours ago, E-minor7 said:

But are we sure this is a 200 !?

Fairly sure. But OP Antonio is talking '80's Gibson, so who knows.


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8 hours ago, antoniovox said:

Hi guys,

last question:

are side dots perfectly centered, I mean vertically on the binding.

Now that you mention it, no, the position marker dots don't seem to be exactly centered on the neck binding. Wondering why. . . if the fretboard was to be resurfaced at some point, maybe there was a concern about shaving off the top of the dots? Nahh. . . couldn't be.

But while discussing fretwork for a guitar with a bound neck, and if the binding complicates things, there's something else you might also want to think about - nibs. . .  the small bit of binding that extends up to meet the fret ends. Some have 'em, some don't. Have a look at the pics already posted to your thread: the SJ-200's made in the 2000's have them. 'Hard to find images of a J-200 from 1989 showing neck binding detail. Broken Strings Guitars (searched) and the prototype '89 on currently on eBay might barely provide a clue. 

Just make it look nice. Unless someone was trying to prove a forgery, you should be ok.


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