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The Recession has come to chez moi!


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had a real bad attack of GAS last week, still craving a Robert Johnson or similar.


Checked bank balance and wife, neither seemed to be too upset by the prospect of a new arrival.


So trucked off to play a couple which, after some searching I found!


Got on with neither, that's 5 I have tried now and I haven't liked one!


So gave up and on Saturday went to Tunbridge Wells shopping with my wife......


As far as I know there's only one guitar shop in TW, thats on the hill walking down.


Well it ain't so bad walking DOWN but walking back up again I needed a rest so popped in!


Walked out with A Recording King OOO size! Cheap as chips! Nice wide neck, reasonable sound from a solid top/lam bodied "budget" guitar.


Very pleased with it, restrung it it sounds great (or as great as I can make a guitar sound!!)


It's a strange feeling though when the hardcase has cost 1/3 of the guitars cost!


OK It isn't going to last 50 years, but then neither am I !


I think I actually owe Theolonious Wilson a thanks for the "Recording King nod"


So thanks TzadoK!

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