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Epiphone Valve Junior (Combo) - Cab question

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Hi all. Hope everyone's good. I'm new here but I was hoping someone might be able to advise please. I've recently gotten a Epiphone Valve Junior (Combo). It's the revision 3 model, so it has a range of ohm output options, so I wanted to try running it through a 1x12 8 ohm 80W cab I have, via the 8 ohm output.
It isn't clear whether you're supposed to disconnect the internal speaker cable when connecting an extension cab or not though. Can anyone confirm whether you leave both in, and the internal speaker is automatically bypassed or not, as is the case with a couple of other amps I own, or whether you need to disconnect the internal speaker manually. (ps I'll make sure not to switch on with no speaker connected 🙂) (ps2 - apologies if this has already been answered somewhere in this forum - I've tried searching but it's proving difficult with the search / time restrictions.)
I've emailed Epiphone's customer service but they said they couldn't advise.

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