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Brand new LP Standard Tobacco Burst


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Hi all,

My new LP Standard has arrived.  My initial inspection found no defects/flaws.  It looks perfect.  I've been wanting a LP for years.  The new management team and products at Gibson convinced me now is the time.  I teamed it up with a Boss Katana MKII amp and a Boss RC500 Looper.  Back in my day I had to use two stereo systems to lay down tracks to record lead over.  So glad to learn about loopers.  Happy camper here.

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2 hours ago, SteveFord said:

Did rct set up a photography class without telling us about it?

Even so, I like the shading on that one, congratulations!

That was exactly my first thought too..   😄  He has a new camera now anyway...

But yes... Very nice guitar, I have one that colour too.. Was always my dream guitar to own.

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9 hours ago, sunking101 said:

A 60s has shiny Grover pegs and the 50s has the green plastic Kluson style tuners.

Learn something new every day. Though is it learned if you forget it inside a week? I will forget this. 

To tell the truth, I couldn't even tell you what kind of knobs are on my guitars without opening the cases to check.

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