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hey, once again i'm asking a dumb-*** question:-"


When you change pick-ups i've heard people talking about the "pots" and 500k and 300k, i've not got a clue what that means and with a pickup change imminent, do u need to order pots?


i have an 06 LP standard and the pickups i want to put in are the seymour duncan 59's


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You don't need to but since you're changing the pickups, now's a good time to replace the pots.

Gibson USA uses 500k tone pots and 300k volume pots. Actually, I shouldn't say Gibson USA because LP Customs also have 300k volume pots. Historic reissues use 500k pots all around. A lot of people seem to like RS Guitarworks for things like this. I bought pots/caps from RS but haven't put them in a guitar yet.


Don't forget about replacing the caps while you're at it...

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The 500 K pot will make it slightly more treble or bright than a 300K.


The lower the value, the darker/muddy the tone will be.


Single coils use 250K so they're not so bright, humbuckers use 300K to even 1000K so they are not so muddy.


Depends on your taste.

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