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2015 Bob Dylan SJ 200 Players Edition

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Hi all , i have a story to tell , My girl and i go out Saturday on a rainy day tree shopping adventure .

We visit our local Nursery's and Box stores looking for a deal on marked down trees and other greenery , well a deal we find ....Fruit trees 25 to 50 percent off ...man i`m in my glory , we fill the truck with half a dozen nice specimens .

For shits and giggles i suggest we go to the local box guitar -music shop , i am met  with a bit of resistance but....if i buy lunch it`s all good .

In i go , Lovie stays in the truck listening to the C.B.C  radio , i walk in to the glassed , humidity controlled acoustic room to the not so soothing bangs and twangs of a guy playing a ukulele, i figure i am good for about 2 minutes ... i look left and see a used Dylan  SJ 200 ...., i tune and  play .....purchase in less time than it took  Uke Man to tune that awful retched beast he had in his hands ! !

I am a j 45 guy ....or should i say i was...what a great sounding guitar ! Lunch was really good to .

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If my wife was reading this she would say what the heck took you so long.  For over 20 years now the only Gibson she has had eyes for is a J200.  No mean feat considering during those years she could have picked from a 1946 LG2, 1956 Southerner Jumbo, 1942 J50, or a 1932 L1 among others.   She would not have blinked an eye if any of those went bye bye.  But when I mentioned I was thinking of trading off the J200 I was told in no uncertain terms that if I wanted to stay married that guitar was going no place. 

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Congrats then ^ few things intriguing like impulse-buys. And a 200 . . 

                                                                                                                                 Can we see and hear it. 

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That is stunning. Just glorious. I’ve had a raging lust for one of these since they were announced as they’re right in my wheelhouse in every way (Bling? Check! Maple? Check! Two fancy pickguards rather than one? Check!) but time, tide and finances haven’t made it possible to own one so far. One day!

In the meantime, I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that it would be fantastic to see yours in action if you could grab a video for us!

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A king of kings ~ I actually tried one when they were launched. It was highly impressing for a new acoustic instrument and probably has grown by now.                                                                                                                      Wait a 1000 days more and it will become a guitar - the 8 year mark is where the dream starts. . 

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I thank you all for your kind words , this guitar is so beautiful , AAA maple  back and sides Adi top ...with a grain to die for .

It is a used and played guitar ,with some discoloration on the head stock from what i think was a capo and some dings  , but in really nice shape . i have no problem with cosmetic blemish at all as the tone of this beast is really beyond my  playing agility, ability ....this guitar is a professional players dream .  I have had it to a couple rehearsals and was very humbled .

The Baggs Anthem Pickup is a mind blower unto itself ...wow....  I need more time with it before she`s on  stage  . We are gigging tomorrow ... J45 in hand .

Have a great weekend all , nice to be seeing and hearing live music again in Ontario.

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