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Looking for recommendations for a flanger


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I already have the Foxrox Paradox TZF but, while it sounds really cool when I have it dialed in right, it's overcomplicated and takes up too much space to justify having it in my chain for just one song.


I was looking at the MXR EVH flanger but it's $190 new and the cheapest on Ebay is $160 - again, I'm using a flanger for just one song. So, I'd like to find something below $100 that does a really dramatic, over-the-top flanging sound and is fairly compact (Boss or Ibanez sized would be ideal).


Any recommendations?

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You know what... I know you don't like cheap pedals you pedal snob:-" but I will recommend you this one anyway...


Marshall Regenerator... it sports 6 modulation fx... modern chorus, vintage chorus, flanger, phaser, step phaser and vibrato.

The vibrato sucks a little and the step phaser is nice but I dont use it at all. The other 4 are nice fx... the flanger is easy to use and sounds convincing... and while it's not the best flanger, phaser, or chorus out there, it is good and will take just one space in your pedalboard.


What bugs me is, I can't seem to use it with the "one spot" power suply... I have to use a dedicated boss power suply for it or it wont work.





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