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Epiphone Sheraton help needed

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I have a 1989 MIK Sheraton that has all the gold plating gone on the bridge and stop tail piece. The previous owner kept it by his front sliding glass door at the beach which was always open, so  all the hardware  is very corroded. The bridge saddles are rusted solid and cannot be adjusted.   This guitar appears to have a much wider bridge that has different stud diameters than later Epiphone electric  guitars and the  newer Sheratons.  I need to know what to get to replace this older bridge..is there a retro-fit replacement available?  Will a new stop tail piece fit where the old one went?  

I would also like to replace the bridge, tailpiece and tuners with regular chromed ones as the gold plating is gone, and  was so thin it wears away  easily.

I replaced the pickups with PAFs and it sounds great, but the tuners, bridge , and tailpiece need replacement. I want to use chrome this time as the original Epiphone gold plating  was very thin and did not last.     If anyone here who has replaced the bridge and tailpiece on one of these  early Korean Sheratons,  could you tell me what I need  as far as the correct parts and where to get them.




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simple. measure the E TO E  string spread saddle notch to saddle notch on the bridge  with a millimeter 6 inch rule. it could be 2 inch  or  2.25 inch  or 2.50 inch  Go to www. philadelphialuthier supply.com   and under "bridges and tailpieces" find Koren or asian import bridges. spend the extra money on a stainless steel bridge or aluminum bridge. tailpiece upgrade. avoid zice plated. call them if you need to they will help you. note stainless steel will transfer string vibration the best aluminum tailpiece will give you less sustain. stainless more

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Kluson do a 72mm bridge specifically for peerless sheratons. They also fo offset posts to accept a klusson usa bridge. I haven't tried either but I am considering the offset posts for my early 90s sheraton with the same bridge. The bridge is called a harmonica bridge by the way, try wdmusic, they have a good selection for ideas.

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