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J15 Bridge Lift

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Hey y'all, first time poster on here. My J15 is experiencing some bridge lift (see pics). I've searched fixes for this but am really trying to avoid sending it somewhere or disassembling it entirely. Can this be mitigated at all? Thanks for your help



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17 minutes ago, jedzep said:

Nope, you're stuck, brother. Gotta' go to the bridge doctor. That looks like there's a little underside re-profiling to be done, too.

Many have tried to reattach, all have failed.

Thanks man. Called a local tech and informed him of the bridge lift. Said he'd take a look and shouldn't be an issue. Now that I've researched this a little bit, I'm sure this is a humidity issue that I've neglected because my pickguard also started to come off. Ended up taking it off and now looking for a replacement. 

Hoping I haven't screwed myself here. 

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I agree. I had a newer one that was just starting to lift and opted to have my local luthier fix it rather than send it back to Gibson. He did a beautiful job, it's been a few years and I've had no issues. I've always try to baby my guitars as far as humidity the first few years. I think after they get a few years under their belt they're less sensitive to changes. Some of these old vintage ones have already dried out and seem immune to the elements. Get it fixed and take care of it for  few years. 

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Take the guitar to a trusted luthier or the Gibson Repair and Restoration services, and have the issue fixed professionally. The bridge needs to be taken off, the spot of the top where the bridge was attached to and the underside of the bridge cleaned, the underside of the bridge, perhaps, reshaped so that it better fits the bellied top, and the bridge firmly reglued to the top.

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