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Hi Cali.

Hope you are well and still digging the 175.    Think you have a rosewood tele too? 

I am ok in the uk (at the mo).   But no gigs.

Take care now [thumbup]

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3 hours ago, jedzep said:

Sorry, man. Nobody left here but me. Everyone bought Chinese made Guilds and went over to the LTG forum.


Not so.

Yes I got a GAD JF 30, which for the uninitiated is a Guild designed jumbo guitar built in China (mine in 2003), and yes I did join the LTG forum, to learn about the guitar, but I'm the only one. 

All the invitees to the party are still here.


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Well California is indeed a far cry from Idaho.

We were talking about it just today.  Weather is great here in the Central Coast.  No need for an air conditioner.  Just lacking the entertainment that a big city offers.

Could have went to the Mid-State Fair and seen Dwight Yokem, but I was busy.  Joe Bonamassa is playing in Paso Robles soon.  I saw a VIP ticket package for four tickets, backstage entrance, my own waitress, bunch of other perks, but it was $2,000.00.  That's California for you.

Anyway, good to see you all are being productive.

Saw Dem00n is back.  All grown up and working on his college degree.  Wow.  Awesome.

Hey I have to go check the BBQ.  You know, that's what we do 'round here.  BBQ tri-tip and chicken.  Also,  if you're into adult libations, I recommend you learn how to make a coconut mojito.  They're killer if you're into that kind of drinkypooh.  Peace.

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