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Anyone have any luck with this service?

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Tried my best, but ultimately things went nowhere...  

Emailed GR&R about putting a Bigsby on my USA casino (figuring I could at least say it was done by the "factory") and spent several emails back and forth with the rep who kept asking for pictures of my guitar so they could identify "other issues" despite this being a brand new guitar.  Finally I gave up and sent them a picture of my brand new guitar and get what looks like a very reasonable price to ship to them and do the work.  But then I'm told that they recommend a B3 Bigsby (not the B7) and when I correct them (even sending pics of cheaper Casinos with B7's), I don't hear anything back.  In addition, they wanted to sell me another service to "tune up" my brand new guitar (extra $100).

So...   not exactly feeling confident with them at this point...  anyone else experience this with GR&R services?

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7 hours ago, Leonard McCoy said:

Are you referring to the Gibson Repair and Restoration service? That's Gibson's official service for anything related to Gibson guitars, and they, of course, know their craft and expertise. Why you would ever resist working with them is beyond me.

The honest answer to that question is that I have serious doubts about the competence of the CSR I was communicating with, and if what this CSR told me about the Luthier's opinion was true, I wouldn't send my guitar there for anything, even if it was free.

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I had the unfortunate luck of BS from Terry Greene and Timothy Tucker. I had purchased a J15 new at full price in Tampa music store. Only to find a large yellow X on the back and two buffed through areas on the back. They blamed me. Why in God's name would I put a large X in magic marker on the back of my headstock, buff though the back, then clear coat over it. And a crappy job of that. 


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On 7/27/2021 at 10:23 PM, Dave F said:

definitely looks like reaction to capo left on too long as mentioned on the other thread

Update. I sent it to Nashville restoration warranty repair. Cost me $83 in shipping. They "said" by email the pick guard was loose. I wasn't worried about the pick guard. I was concerned about the yellow X, (I now believe it was capo) and two buffed through areas on the back and some lacquer over spray from their attempt to repair it.  They stated it was done after it left the factory. I got it back the there day, They repaired it pretty darn good. The buffed places all but disappeared. Most of the over spray was cleaned off also. I'm 80% blind from diabetes but my wife says she can barely see one of them and can't see the other one. My only complaint is the X. It's still there but feels different, Duller than it was. Smudged looking. I don't care anymore, I love my guitar, I missed my guitar and I appreciate what ever they tried to fix. My son will love it when I hand it down. The way I feel lately it won't be long lol. 

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