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This weekend I played in a lacrosse tournament.... During the last game I went in to shoot and the defense mans stick caught my thumb and pulled it back.... I thought that I simply jammed it and I would be fine..... Ten miunets later and I wanted to cut it off!!!!


I thought that I could still play guitar but it swelled too badly. I took it to the doctor and...




I "Seriously fractured my metacarpel bone"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#-o #-o ](*,)


After all of the "OH S:-# :-# T's!!!!!!!!!" I began to wonder about my guitar playing...


My band has a gig on the 16th and the doctor said I might be getting a splint by then and could play..=D>


Any advice to try to keep my muscles in my hand and fingers from deteoriating while in the cast???


Do you think that I sould use my LP with the 60's neck to get back in the groove when this thing comes off??


Much thanks

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Try working the rest of your fingers with a tennis or soft rubber ball. If that's too hard use a foam ball.

Of course I have to say I'm not a medical doctor and you should consult your physician before trying any of the above.

Also, I'd use the thinnest neck you can use comfortably when it comes off, 7.25 would be my recommendation and that's a Tele neck.

And good luck with that.

Here's wishing you a speedy recovery 78.

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Sorry to hear about your accident.


I jammed a finger in basketball when I was 18, made the gig very painful, and I haven't played sports since. Playing music is too important to take a chance of breaking a finger.


I hope you heal quickly.


You might try Wobenzyme. Martial arts people use it to accelerate healing.



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Be glad it's a broken bone and not a dislocation... seriously! I severely dislocated *and* fractured my ring finger on my left(fretting) hand about 9 months ago. After a successful closed reduction in the ER I went through two months of splinting under the guidance of an orthopedic hand specialist. It was huge, swollen, and extremely painful for four months minimum. After the splint came off for the last time at around eight weeks I had no mobility in that finger and my entire hand atrophied from not using it. Another two months of physical hand therapy(pain that's off the chart), soaking, painkillers, etc. and I was finally at the point where I could think about picking up a guitar again. So here I am at 9 months and it's about as good as it'll ever get. I've got the classic fat knuckle from the scarring and constant stiffness/pain as a reminder of my stupidity while hiking. If I was still playing out it would have probably have been the end of my band days. I'm just glad I'm pretty much at about 90% of my former ability, albeit with a bit pain.


So, bottom line here, get to using your hand/thumb whatever AS SOON AS YOU CAN! It is an absolute b***** to regain mobility. Tendons in your hands begin to tighten up in as little as 24 hours without use.


Knowing that I was probably going to have problems down the road I treated myself to a new 08 LP Standard -- just in case I'm not able to play 10 or 15 years from now!

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