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NGD Seller haggled me down?

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Thought I was over it but the first guitar I bought was a 79 or 80 Cort Flying V and I 've always wanted a real one. This came up for sale literally a 5 minute drive from home , 2012 67 reissue mint condition , $1200 CAN. O.B.O.  Looked it over, yep mint , talked guitars for a few minutes , offered him $1100, he says" just give me $1000 ($790 US) ,that will be fine".😲 Glad I went to check it out  . Cant seem to get pic to load.



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Thank You for all the kind  comments.  The seller first listed it for $1500 OBO then lowered it to $1200 OBO after a couple of weeks. I guess he had no bites, there isn't much of a market here for higher end guitars . After talking to him for awhile I got the impression he just wanted to see it go to someone who could appreciate it for being in such mint condition which I do.  It plays perfect and has a thin/flat feeling neck that I find very comfortable .

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