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Iam obsessing..........................still, Forgive me but I gots to know


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OK lets try it this way, what was the price for a 2008 J45 TV VOS LIMITED EDITION in 2008? What was the price of a J45 TV in 2008?


My mind(whats left of it) needs to know. I suspect a J45 TV VOS is more expensive than a J45 TV. Since I wanted a TV VOS, I gots to know what I got.


Lord tunderin Jesus boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! girls to.

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If Musician's Friend is to be believed, this is the J-45 TV VOS LTD (which they now only have as a Scratch 'n' Dent model):




The list on this is what was on my receipt when I got mine, which is $3874.


Here is Musician's Friend listing of a "regular" J-45 TV:




Unfortunately, if one is trying to sort this out, this really tells us nothing because the list price is, you guessed it, $3874.


You may now return to your previously scheduled nightmare...

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and p.s.


When I picked up mine, the shop had another TV LTD as well as a "regular" TV. If memory serves me correctly, the discounted price of the LTD was less than the discounted price of the "regular" model. If they had all sounded equal (which they did not, the LTD sounded far superior) it still would have been a better deal because for less money, Gibson threw in the jacket and case cover. The period-correct case might be counted as an upgrade by some, but it is a b!tch to open, if you'll pardon my French. When you throw in the leather-bound COA and the hot hide glue holding the whole thing together...well, that was enough to put me over the edge.

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