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MTV turns 40 today


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For better or worse, MTV had a huge impact on the music world. Figured I'd just acknowledge that bit of trivia today.

For a laugh, here was one of the earliest videos to air on the channel. Baltimore band who was pretty big locally and got some good airplay on local radio. Video was shot on The Block which is like the red light district of Baltimore.


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I remember the one with Bruce Springsteen jumping over the piano every time you turned it on.

And  Van Morrison - "Real Real Gone".....heavy rotation for months.    Awful.

Invented by Mike Nesmith they say.


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I recall coming back stateside after a number of years stationed in Germany. This was in late 1984. 

Seems like after we settled in, MTV was on the TV all day, for a couple of years anyway. 
MTV sold the product, and I bought it. Lock, stock, and teakettle. 

Who profited?
David Lee Roth, surely. 
Hall and Oates. 
Cindy Lauper. 





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I've always attributed the ruin of modern music to Mtv.  Mediocre music being popular just because the video was "cool".   The sanctuary for cookie cutter spandex laden and over formulated "metal" bands where the only real difference was the names. My kids(at the time, 9 and 6 years old, respectively) would sit mesmerized by that dreck for hours.  But at that age, how could they know better?   Now, every blue moon something good would make it through.  Like Joe Jackson's "Mad At You" or those hilarious send-ups by "Weird Al" Yankovic.  and a very few others.  For better music fare I'd tune in Friday late nights for the then fledgling  USA network's "Night Flight" and the "New Wave Theater" program.  [wink] and "Video Artists" was fun to watch too.  Cleverly creative artists using the video camera and associated technology to create visual artistry.  NOT goofy music "videos".  


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I watch MTV sometimes now.  There is no music anymore.  There is a show called "Ridiculousness" that shows viral video clips and some are pretty funny.  Many are really stupid and gross, but when whatever else is on goes to commercial I will click over there and get a laugh sometimes.

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