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Help identifying guitar with a partially damaged label


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Hey all!

I received this guitar from a family member who doesn't play guitar. I don't know much about epiphone and would like to know the model and year of the guitar. Unfortunately the label is damaged just enough to make it tough for me to figure out. The model also seems to have bled.. it looks like FT-520 to me, but I couldn't find anything on google. Also the serial is torn just enough to make it a puzzle to figure out (for me anyways)  

Any help would be greatly appreciated!









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This is an Epiphone FT-120, made by the Matsumoku factory in Matsumoto, Japan. Epiphone production ended in Kalamazoo in August 1970 and started in Japan in October of the same year.

This was one of the early models, available between 1971 (since it took a few months to produce the first batches and distribute them) and 1979. This is a later example, since that style label was used starting in 1976 and was replaced in 1980. The serial numbers are useless for dating Epiphone guitars from this era.

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 When Gibson shifted Epiphone production to Japan, they simply licensed out the Epiphone name and had virtually nothing to do with their design or building.   These guitars were pretty much-re-badged Arias.  If I recall  this model was built with a bolt-on neck although  I do not know when that feature was discontinued.

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