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Sticky Gibson Special DC Tribute 2020, how to safely remove the stickiness?


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I just purchased this guitar used recently and the neck is sticky. I have tried to clean it with a cloth and water, and with Gibson finish cleaner, but it returns to sticky again after playing it for a couple minutes. Even a dry paper towel will make it smooth and slippery again for a couple minutes of playing.

I have a 2018 DC Special, and a Les Paul Classic, neither or them ever feel sticky. They never didn't new and don't now after a few years of playing. It is confusing to me that this is happening with this one guitar (DC Special Tribute), other than the previous owner used something bad to clean it. My other 2 guitars (DC Special and Les Paul Classic) have regular gloss finishes and mahogany necks, and the DC Tribute has a satin finish on a maple neck, but they are all nitro so I'm not sure why that would make a difference.

I have seen people on forums recommend lighter fluid, which I want to do without an official Gibson okay. Or light sanding, which I don't want to do. I want to get rid of the stickiness without altering the guitar, just getting rid of the stickiness.

Can anyone who has cleaned a Gibson finish, without messing it up, recommend a way to make it unsticky?






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47 minutes ago, rct said:

Somebody played it with bug spray on them.


Thats not helpful. You're not offering any solution only speculating what happened, or trying to be funny. And btw, that figuring is the wood not the finish.

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I would try Virtuoso cleaner and then polish.  I've had some nitro finish necks that are sticky when new, but it usually goes away after being played for a few months.  You don't mention how old the guitar is.  If it is a few years old and sticky then something else got on there (like rct suggested bug spray will do it).  You just have to keep trying to clean it polish it.  Most people don't realize that polish actually removes some finish leaving a smoother layer underneath so keep at it.

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