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My Les Paul Special Tribute 2019 looks weird


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Hey people, nice talking to you.

About a month ago I bought a Les Paul Special Tribute 2019 from a shop here in Dublin. The guitar looks good and sounds good, although the fretwork is worse than the one on my Harley Benton...

But I was browsing the interwebs than Like most Les Paul guitar, the pickup selector is supposed on top, but on mine it's on the bottom.

Does anyone have any idea of what's going on?





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9 minutes ago, rct said:

That's how them satin Specials have been.  I had an early 2000's Special double cut, switch back there.  Nothing wrong at all.


Thanks for your reply.

Aren't those the ones with only pots though? I find it weird that I can't find a single picture online of a guitar that looks like mine, especiallly with the name that it's supposed to have

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We're an OCD support group. 

No dis to OP, I'm probably the worst. Big Bill probably remembers when I posted pics of the "somewhat not flush with the body" strap button. 

Hold on to your hat: the strap button hasn't fallen off, nor has the guitar disintegrated. 

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