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My father who recently passed away left me his Gibson guitar. He and I used to play together a lot. His guitar is in need of some repair and I am in search of the best Trusted choice in My general area. The guitar is well over 30+ years old, it has no model tag, I am also looking for any information that anyone might know about this particular guitar.

Thank you,




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22 minutes ago, Bentj50 said:

Think it’s a J50 from mid-60’s

It probably is. And the guitar is not that far from being saved. Some wrecks far beyond this stage are taken to the hospital and being cured'n'revived.                                                                                                                             A highly exciting situation - have fun and take care as you go.   Ouh, , , and let's hear it when you get that far. Welcome


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Based on the belly up wood bridge I would guess the guitar rolled out of Kalamazoo between 1964 and 1967.   There will be a serial number impressed into the back of the headstock  which, as Gibson at times rolled numbers over,  may or may not tell you the exact year.   But I have seen (and owned) guitars which based on your photos appear to have been in far worse condition than your father's.  As Dave F says if you let us know where you are located somebody might be able to recommend a good repair guy.

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Looks great! agree with others- narrow nut and thick pickguard, belly up bridge puts it right in the mid to late 60s. the skinny neck takes a little getting used to but not impossible. depending on whether those are deep divots in the fretboard near the headstock or just some grime built up, it shouldnt take too much to get it going again. 


glad you've got something tangible to remember you father by! 

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