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41 minutes ago, gdecant1 said:

When I was younger that is what my mom always told me. Judging by the thickness of my glasses, I quit just in time!

Reminds me of the story about the kid who liked to (shall we say) have 'lightning in his hand'....his mom said, "If you keep doing that, you'll go blind!"   Kid responds, "Can I keep doing it 'till I need glasses?"

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46 minutes ago, razed said:

or is the internet where people like you and your 2 friends hide behind then don't like it when they get called out on there bull **** lol sad i see your  playing the victim role now huh  my advice to you is take your own advice and see where you went wrong in life i mean if you cant take it don't give it . you like a baby taking right now taking candy lol all you have are words so let me teach you silence other then that you got nothing

Facebook censors might disagree, but it's attributed to Mark Twain, "No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot."

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1 hour ago, razed said:

that must be a cultural thing  for you Stan as calling someone Stan  . as  for silly and drop it... try this   (It is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand)  if that does not work you can in box me with the other clowns if  you hate your life that much

BRAVO!!! He found the period key!!!


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1 hour ago, Might Be said:

If we handle this just right it could be a great deal of fun. I can't remember the last time we had one of these.

You missed a good one last year I think.

Carry on!


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I regret, at this point, the kind, genteel, and polite advice I offered to our temporary guest, Mr (Ms?) Razed earlier. 

Kindness and gentility are generally accorded to those who just might reciprocate in kind. 

This clearly is not the case. 
Razed is a common troll, by any standard or interpretation of the internet definition. 

Rude, disrepectful, illiterate, and worst of all, prone to levying threats at established members of this esteemed forum. 
("I'm an MMA instructor, so you had better watch out. You go places you don't need to go, you'll meet your demise", etc etc)

I have just perused todays offerings from the troll, and I find his message and style of delivery to  be both tedious and boring. 
And worst of all, unoriginal. 

Razed, it might just be time to move along, Scooter. 
Surely there are other web forums for you to troll. 

And the evening is young yet. 


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17 minutes ago, Mr. Gibson said:

What the hell is a MMA instructor anyway? Sounds scaaaaaaryyyy

Mixed Martial Arts instructor. 

I have known exactly two in my entire life. 

And neither of them ever mentioned it, talked about it, or let on about their avocation. 
They just quietly went on about their business, fully prepared to put down a bad guy if the occasion ever arose. 

Any troll who leads with that bit of information is (in my opinion) trying just a bit too hard to impress or intimidate. 


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1. On the contrary dear fellow, I love it when a prat comes along and does being a prat.

2. I didn't advise anyone that, that makes no sense? 

3. I don't know where you got being a victim from. You're the only victim. A victim of your massive ego (or perhaps something else, 🤏).


All your other points were completely unintelligible. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Edited by Might Be
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19 hours ago, razed said:

 lets help you number 1 people don't get in front of people correcting people like that they don't know as for a job people help each other and respect each other or should they don't insult not to there face last i teach MMA and the 1st thing is show respect or someone will teach it to you my guess is  you telling me i am going to get beat up is another way of you say your feeling a hurt? lol as for making fun that's not even i good attempt and for school i am teaching right now to a few weak minds. last you never know someone could be Dyslexic  or have a disability  and might have issues with language so you never know why someone's grammar is bad but if you think trying to make fun of people is cool then back at you take you medicine oh and correct my grammar thank you hoe  this will be my 1 and only text back so as i said to your other friend in box if you really feel the need to hate your life you take care hoe

O.K. loser.  You got probs homz.  You probably should just go to the nearest emergency room and ask for a psych eval.  WTF is the matter with you?  Neurological issues?  You teach MMA and you're on here having some kind of psych episode.  I love it.  Please stay here and keep saying this stuff.  I don't have anybody else to laugh at today.  Luze.

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23 hours ago, DanvillRob said:

I always struggled with the difference....glad for the info.

DR,  Me too. Until, late in life, well after English 101,  I read that you only use the apostrophe when it is the contraction using the verb IS.  In plain English - It Is  becomes  IT'S.    (The big dog is barking.  IT'S barking. )

 When possessive  - like  the dog's collar ,    you do NOT use the apostrophe if substituting  "IT for dog".    So  ITS collar.  Even though if you were writing  "the DOG'S collar" you would actually use the apostrophe.   Inconsistent, like Gibsons !  

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46 minutes ago, Might Be said:

Did anyone ever work out the Harvey Weinstein reference? Or Stan? 


I think he looked at Bill's avatar pic and saw a resemblance. 

But as for Stan......nope.:-k


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46 minutes ago, ksdaddy said:

And some wonder why I’m not more of a hall monitor. You guys do just fine. 

I think we're a pretty accepting lot here.... but we're not above poking fun at people.

But it seems we can be brutal when someone comes in with a chip on their shoulder.


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