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PRS "Sculpture" Custom 24 Piezo-Only Hollow body


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Remember this? 

This one was (and probably still is ) on ebay France for over £7.6k.   But look at the control plate.  Peerhaps the curve and the pic angle makes it look a bit off....:-k???

Inspired by the Chet Atkins SST.






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2 minutes ago, jdgm said:

Remember this? 






error code 404

Cant see the pics!

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Pretty to look at but there are much better acoustic pickup systems now than a piezo.  Without a deeper body though it probably doesn't matter what pickup is in it as there just isn't going to be a full rich acoustic tone to amplify.  No volume or tone controls leaves you strictly relying on  your amp to shape tone.  And only $13,500 (yikes).  I guess it was primarily designed to look cool, which it does, but to me it's a totally impractical guitar (not functional for performing) and cost a ton of money so no  thanks.  Another one of those "why do this" situations where the answer is "because we can".     

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nice -  I didn't watch the video, but if that would allow someone to play typical electric guitar solos etc in a great acoustic sound (and be a genuine step up from the Strat VG and the like) then I could see why they would do it.  there would be people who would buy this if they can afford and justify the cost.

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11 hours ago, Rabs said:

Another one here


When browsing in some store such as tkmax, I see stuff that at 1st glance looks appealing. On closer inspection it always turns out be just 'overdone'; always crossing the line into tacky and garish. That's what such PRS guitars look like to me. 

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let me get this right,, that is..

thirteen thousand...


five hunnerd dollars




and..  I didn't think it sounded all that "Acoustic" either   I'm kind of surprise the Taylor haters haven't shown up to to start crucifying this. 


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