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Tilting bridge pup on Firebird V


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You will have to remove the pickup by unscrewing the pickup surround.  Have a cloth handy to put the pickup on as it won't come out very far due to the wiring and you will need to protect the guitar finish.

The problem is usually to do with the screws holding the pickup in the surround and the springs  on the screw shaft.

Or you could try turning the pickup surround (but NOT the pickup) around; you will have to take the pickup out of the surround to do this but it's not that hard, just a bit fiddly as you do this without cutting the wiring of course.  However on a Firebird it would make no difference as the surrounds are flat so not contoured to the top AFAIK.

The best fix is usually to replace the pickup springs with some sort of flex tubing which is slightly compressed.  You will see the how and why of this if you remove the pickup in its surround.

Searching Google for  'Guitar pickup angled in surround youtube'  got me this page -


Good luck!

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1 hour ago, Eracer_Team said:

Or just put some foam in the pickup hole to counteract the twist pivot done with the spring and single mounting screw

Ding!   Perfect and avoids all that stuff I wrote.  Simple is best.


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