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Hi there!

Got a problem and need some help. Recently I played Gibson Les Paul Studio 1993. Black one with ebony fretboard. Serial number is 92133487 - this means that the guitar was produced on August 01, 1993. But I checked this date out and found that it was Sunday. I really like this guitar and I want to buy it, but now I doubt if it is fake? Was the Gibson factory open on Sundays? Were the Sundays working days on Nashville factory?

By the way, what is the neck profile of these guitars - '59 or slim '60? Unfortunately I have nothing to compare with (

Thanks in advance and let's keep rockin'! ))

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Production day says 213

Google 213 th day of the year and it says July 31

So a Saturday potentially they could work a Saturday. 

There are more Tell Tail visual clues, fake/real, post pictures and someone can comment. 

Highly doubtful a 1993 Studio was faked, more common LP custom or Zack Wylde 

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