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Are LPJ owners dreaming?


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I decided to look up what sellers might be asking for a Gibson LPJ specifically the gold top.  The cheapest LPJ I saw was just under $800 with no strings bridge or pickups, and couldn't even find a gold top listed.  It's a little more rare because buyers had to pay a premium for the gold top about $200 more than the other LPJ s wich retailed for a little over $600 in Canada.   Anyway,  all the other LPJs I found are selling used on reverb for $1000 to $1500.  Have these guitars been increasing in value or are these sellers dreaming?  The whole point was to have a stripped down more affordable Gibson.  If they are really selling at these prices how much would a gold top sell for on the used market?


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If a guitar is out of production and it is somewhat sought after, I’ve found Reverb prices are not too far out of the park especially if you see other listings all in some ball park. If you can’t find this guitar anywhere else these days, if you want it you’ll pay. Have no choice really. It can be yours for X price today and Y tomorrow. 

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I see almost all Gibsons listed on Reverb as overpriced. It really is crazy how much some people are trying to get for guitars they payed much less for.

In 2014, I paid $485 for my SGJ. Bought it new. 

I see them on Reverb for $850![blink]

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Packing, shipping, insurance, signature, sellers fees.  They all murder you when you are at home selling a guitar and not in a business that does it all day.  You have to start high on Reverb in order to even get close to netting what you hope.


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