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Gibson 335 Dot - 2008 - COA Mismatch


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This is a real long shot….,

In 2008 when we married my lovely wife bought me a Gibson 335 as a wedding present. Alas, she has now divorced me, too much guitar and not enough housework being only a small part of the problem.

Post-Divorce financial constraints means that I must concider putting the 335 up for sale and I’m surprised to discover that the COA and Pre-Pack checklist in the case don’t match the model number and serial number of the guitar.

My guitar is a ESDP335 with the serial number ending 21. The checklist and the COA have a model number of ESDPCH NH1 and a serial number ending 04. Both serial numbers decode as being built at the Nashville plant in 2008, mine in July and the COA model in June.

The guitar came from GAK in Brighton, UK. When she looked into this my guitar playing mate suggested cherry red but she chose black. Since the COA refers to a Cherry Red 335 and mine is black I cannot help but wonder if the guitar got put in the wrong case at the time of purchase.

Neither GAK or Gibson have so far been able to help so far, but I cannot help but wonder if someone out there has a 2008 Cherry Red 335 with a serial number ending in 04 and a COA /  checklist in the case which ends in 21….,

Told you it was a long shot!

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