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2021 Tony Iommi SG Special—Strap Button Placement


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I am going to have to do the same.  Also did yours come with the adjustment screws for the tailpiece?  Those were also not in the case.  I understand that they were able to set it up without needing to move the bridge back but I would still like to have those just in case down the road that adjustment needs to be made an I don't have those screws. 

All of the promo photos show this screws installed.


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I just checked the Gibson promo photos and I now see what you mean.  The short answer is no, my guitar does not have that and there are no additional screws in the case.  I didn't notice that previously in the promo photos until you pointed it out.  I'm wondering if that was a picture of a prototype or if Gibson just didn't add the screws to any of the cases.  If you find out, let me know.  I'm definitely interested to hear the answer.  Thanks.  

I posted a picture of the promo photo bridge below from the Gibson website.



Stock Pic cropped.png

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usmjrs,  If you look at your tailpiece you will see the threaded holes are in the tailpiece for the screws to go into.  I will ask about that when I ask where the hell my monkey sticker is.  

I have a feeling they will say during set up at the factory they found that they did not need the extra adjustment so they did not include them. 

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I emailed customer service with my serial number and they got back to me right away asking for a copy of my receipt and mailing address  and they are shipping my missing monkey decal.


Dub.  I love the guitar, other than putting heavier gauge strings on it for C# tuning I have not had to change a thing.

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