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Wiring a GM5 mini toggle switch


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I'm trying to rewire an older Steinberger GM5 (EMG 81 humbucker and SA single to a 3 way on-on-on 6 pole switch to a Hazlab).

I'd like to try to verify the wiring and can't find any resources on line. It looks like I use the white wires to the switch, black from humbucker and single go to black on Hazlab, red on humbucker and single to red on Hazlab.

For the white wires, I think it's:

  • White from SA to pin 1 of the switch, jumper that to pin 2.
  • White from pin one of the 81 to pin 5, jumper that to pin 6.
  • White from Hazlab to pin 3, jumper to pin 4.

The switch is similar to this one:https://www.allparts.com/collections/switches/products/ep-0080-on-on-on-mini-switch?variant=18579819921465 (pic of the actual switch attached). It's an on-on-on switch.  It may actually BE that switch from AllParts, though I got it via HeadlessUSA.

Does that sound correct?

Thanks! Jeremy


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maybe you're thinking to complicated. If this is an on-on-on switch you won't need any jumpers on the switch. Here you can see the wiring of a GM4 with a HazLabs board, which is correct for your guitar too, except the 5-way switch which is your toggle switch instead. On this toggle switch, simply solder the white wires like this:

  • Neck PU: top left
  • HazLabs input: middle left
  • Bridge PU: bottom left

The right side of the switch remains unused.


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