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Need help with Les Paul HP PC Board

Erin Brown

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Hello everyone, I need some help. I have a 2018 Les Paul Faded Worn Cherry that I bought new. I decided that I wanted to add the push pulls to it so I bought a “New Open Box” ( I believe that is how he listed it) from a guy on ebay that says he has sold over a hundred of these boards.  So, it shows up, looks in perfect condition. When I installed it I do not get output from the neck pickup with all of the knobs down and Dip switches down in the off position. Oddly, when I pull up on the “Peter Green” pot then I get signal from the neck pickup, but not when it is down. I swapped back to the old board and everything including the pickup selector works as it should.  Any ideas? 

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Never owned a LP with the DIP switches so I may be way off here - but I believe at least one of the switches needs to be on.  At one time I considered buying one equipped that way cause it sounded like you could get such a variety of sounds, but after researching a little on how they worked I decided it was over-kill.

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