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Epiphone ES-335 Figured Semi-Hollowbody - Raspberry Tea Burst


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On 8/21/2021 at 2:13 AM, guitarguy059 said:

Any owners here that have or had one of these?  I'm considering trying one when they're available again.  I'd like to know your feelings on the quality, cosmetic, structural, and soundwise.

The new Epi 335's are spec'd to be very close to the Gibson version like the same Medium C neck profile and the 5 Layer Maple body the same method as my Epi 339 is very nice, where Gibson uses 3-ply Maple/Poplar/Maple. 

The Epiphone ES-335 Figured in Raspberry Tea Burst looks amazing to me..


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I had lusted after one of these for a long time and a couple of weeks ago I found one. I ordered it but on arrival the frets were a mess. Lots of frets were lifting right off the fingerboard. 

I returned it to the store and their luthier looked at it, he called me and said it was so bad they needed to return it, as in his opinion it required a complete re-fret. 

I'm still interested in another, they look great, but if you can check the actual one out first it may be less risk than an online purchase. 



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I've had mine a year ordered ams, and still not 1 problem. I've been playing since 87 so I knew how to give it a good inspection in case I had to send it back. Seriously, i was blown away by the quality it was way more than expected.  I have the blue one it's got great pups and controls. I also know that sometimes shoddy examples leave the factory and ordering unseen has risks. That's true with most brands  

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I got a 2020 ES-335 Inspired by...  in July 2021. I was impressed with the workmanship and play-ability. It is the Raspberry Tea Burst finish you see above. It is still a guitar that I go back to because it is so comfortable to play.

A total surprise and can compare it to my '08 Gibson Standard on  how good it feels in my hands. As far as the sound goes I cannot comment. The previous owner had replaced the original PUPs with TV Jones Classic and TV Jones Classic Plus. It's one more reason why I grabbed it. I had heard some people liked the stock PUPs and others who did not. The good part was if I didn't like the TV Jones PUPs he sent the original pups with the guitar. Best of both worlds I suppose.

Since this is a necro thread guitarguy, did you try one out or get one?

Get some pics posted it you did. And would like to hear what you think about it.

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I have a cosmetic question.

I haven't seen one personally in shops, but looking at pictures on the internet, it struck me that edges get darker (closer to a standard sunburst, approaching black) as one goes towards the neck.

Is that an optical illusion from pictures, just how raspberry tea burst is supposed to be, or is there a variation in the painting from guitar to guitar (I have also seen pictures where the edges have the nice raspberry shade all around)?


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