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Gibson LePaul Deluxe Review


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Guitarist magazine has done a review of the new LesPaul Deluxe.  

They've given a great write-up, and point out that this isn't a "reissue" more of an inspired by tribute (no pancake body for example).  There's none of that muddiness that you can sometimes find with the neck pickup on a paf style humbucker.

One interesting point is the weight of their example, 9.77ib for the guitar but when combined with the new style case it weighs in at 22.8lb so you'd better hope you haven't go a long walk from your van to the stage otherwise your going to need arms like a Russian shot putter.

I like it.



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On 8/27/2021 at 11:20 AM, Whitefang said:

Going by the thread title I thought this might be about some new French inspired Gibson guitar.  [wink]

It's a nice looking ax, but I can't truly judge the sound listening through these $25 PC speakers.[-X


Sure is a great looking one, sounds good to me as well.

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6 hours ago, IanHenry said:

I'm guessing it's a reference to the weight of the guitar.  The guitar sounds pretty good to me.


(This is me sighing.)

I enjoyed the OP's post and video link. 
I actually owned a used 1970's Gibson Les Paul Deluxe.  A gold top. 
It was my first electric guitar.
I saved all my pennies from my job at Hardee's to acquire it. 
I owned it from 1977 until early 1978.

It was a boat anchor. 
It was heavy. 
But a joyful guitar, back then when I owned it. 
I was a teenager. 

I posted, with no thought whatsoever, "Ten pounds of joy". 

And then, because it reminded me of a song lyric from one of my favorite artists, "haul away, haul away, haul away". 

Eventually I was forced to elucidate. 
Very few of you here apparently ever heard of the New Zealand artists Tim Finn, Neil Finn, Split Enz, Crowded House, or the song, Haul Away. 

So I quickly and summarily apologized for over-reaching. 

That's all I got on this Friday evening. 
I love Gibson Les Paul Deluxe's. 
I wish I owned one. 

Haul away. 




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20 hours ago, IanHenry said:

I'm guessing it's a reference to the weight of the guitar.  The guitar sounds pretty good to me.

I'm guessing you've actually tried one of them out at a shop.  Either that or you have your iNet connection hooked up to one BODACIOUS sound system.  And can you be that sure it's the GUITAR that sounds great, and NOT the AMP it's being played through?  [wink]

Or is this one of those social media "say something nice regardless" type of things?  tell the truth, through my PC's sound, the guitar doesn't sound that exceptional.  As I previously stated, NOTHING sounds remarkably good or bad through it.  But it is one very nice lookin' ax.  But then again.....

I've always thought LPs looked great.  [wink]


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No doubt, you won't really hear a sample on youtube, even with good headphones, and esp. what it would sound like thru your own rig. But, there are things you can hear, like texture, articulation, and  some semblance of  timbre... even better in a comparison. I heard a comparison of "PAFs," P-90s, and mini humbuckers on a youtube, and as much as I like P-90s, the mini humbuckers sounded best in that test.

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