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Inspired by Gibson Bird or 1994 Gibson Gospel

Doug Box

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I opened a 93 Gospel and currently have a99 HBird. Don’t know how the inspired by HBird compares so I can’t do an exact comparison,  What i can say is i sold the Gospel and have regretted that decision often. Does not mean i liked it more than the HBird just that it was a fun, light weight guitar with a balanced tone,  The HBird is all HBird, mellow with plenty of depth and just damn addictive.  Not much help i know other than to say you can’t go wrong here.

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Why is it down to those two?  I have not spent enough time with ether to be able to say I liked this one better than that one.  But what I can say is if there was any Gibson made after 1968 I would have laid out my hard earned money on  it would have been a Gospel.  That arched back made all the difference in the world.  And I would guess it still has something to say.

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I’ve very much enjoyed all of the Gospels I’ve played, both the ‘70s Maple iteration and the ‘90s Mahogany reissue. Really nice guitars.

Whilst the IBG models are very good, one advantage to the Gibson is you’re not likely to lose money if you move it on, as you’re already in the secondhand window. 

Personally I’d buy the Gibson, but I’d recommend you try both and make the call based on what speaks to the most. Let us know what you go for!!

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