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Hey everyone! I need a little help. We recently moved and found a unique guitar in our attic. I play but my knowledge on older guitars is very limited. Maybe you guys can help me figure out what this thing is. The only marking is a serial number (R6901) and then maybe followed by a (1422). They are very faded. Thank you all in advance!


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Looks like an ol' mahogany LG0, although peek inside just below the sound hole to see if there's a straight brace running across or a 'V' (X) shape, attached to the top. The former would indicate LG0.  That bridge is a little deceiving. Looks like a nice Braz RW rectangular.

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The LG0 was the only all-mahogany guitar Gibson was producing from the late-1950s on so no doubt what the model is.  The only other model it could possible be would be a 1942 LG1 but this definitely ain't one of those. 

Like the ladder braced LG1 this model does not have an interior  center back strip.   Not exactly an antique. The "R" in the FON followed by four digits indicates 1960.  I do not have a clue though what the other four numbers mean.  Generally the first series of numbers would be followed on a one or two digit number.  My wife's 1960 J200, as example, has an R 5XX8 FON followed by a 17.   Looks like at least the tuner buttons have been replaced.


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You guys are good -I googled Gibson LGO and sure enough, the early models have that pick guard with 3 screws and a straight bridge - looks like they went with the 'upside down' bridge Gibson are known for some time in the early 1960's.

This is a 1959 model .. same dots on the bridge either side of the bridge pins too.




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