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Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker 2014 belly cut


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I bought a used MM 2014 in TV yellow in Germany...

The guitar is beautiful, plays & sounds awesome, everything is OK, but the body hasn't got the belly cut.

All of these guitars i find on the internet have the belly cut on the mahagony body.

I don't know why  but i hope that it is not a fake/copy... :)

Although the finish on the headstock's verge is not perfect (yellow color covers areas which should be black),

all of the other parts looks original.

P90s are original Gibson, the body has got the maple top, the guitar looks and feels like a real USA Gibson!

Truss rod, nut, electronics (PCB board, quick connect) like my LPJ and SGJ's, 120th inlay is perfect...

Tuners (i changed them to locking) was Kluson deluxe white...

I think it is a real USA Gibson but i have no idea why it hasn't got the belly cut! (personally i don't miss it, just wonder why...)

Is it possible to forgotten during production?

If anybody has info/idea about this, please share with me! 🙂

Thank You!



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