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So, apologies if this has been addressed (I did a search for "blending pickups" and couldn't find what I was looling for), but I'm wondering about those of you who blend a soundhole with a piezo pickup.  I'm absolutely loving everything about the new 45, but the pickup is, well, just ok.  I've read and seen some videos about folks blending pickups.  I'd bought a DiMarzio Black Angel pickup  for another guitar, but I'm thinking about wiring (having it wired) alongside of the stock piezo.  Bought the Black Angel as a less expensive version of the Sunrise (as I dropped all my dough on the 45).  Thoughts and/or experiences?

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The DiMarzio pickup to have grabbed was the DP 139.  It remains my favorite.  But seemingly like everything else I like it was discontinued.  I nor anybody else I can think of has been able to find a replacement which captures the sound this one did.  I would, however. place Sunrise right after it.

As the only acoustic I own which came with factory installed electronics is a 1956 Harmony H40 (which has a Gibson P13 pickup mounted beneath the fingerboard extension) while my others still tote the same Dearmond soundhole pickups I have been slapping on since the 1960s I am not the one to ask.  But I did run across a video which I managed to find which might help you.  Whether this guy has a handle on it or not I will let you be the judge.

(1) Improve Piezo Acoustic Guitar Pickup Sound / Blending A Sound Hole And Piezo Pickup - Bing video

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Thanks, Zomby--I'd checked that video out a couple of days before.   One of the best sounding live acoustics I've heard was Jeff Tweedy of Wilco and I'd read he uses a Sunrise as well as some sort of peizo (didn't say which).  The soundhole adds a lot of body and bottom end while the piezo gives good string definition and attack.  Now, he's also got a fantastic sound guy I'm sure so this isn't me plugging into a PA or into my Marshall acoustic amp, but the stock pickup--while decent for a piezo--just sounds thin and tinny, even with most of the treble dialed way down.

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