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Typically they come with a Kluson style (sometimes unbranded, branded Gibson or branded Kluson)  but certain models also come Grover.

The Grover tuners (usually Rotomatic) have different mounting hole patterns and the Grovers also use threaded bushings requiring a larger post hole.

The Kluson style can also come with threaded bushings using a larger post hole but the same mounting hole pattern

So if you want to replace them, match the mounting hole pattern then check if you have "pressed in bushings" or "threaded bushings" requiring larger sized post holes.

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Not much to add to the excellent reply from mihcmac, but I did have a related situation.  I recently bought a Custom Shop 1959 ES-355 Reissue that came with the Grovers mentioned above.  Two problems:  One) It is my understanding that the ES-355 shipped exclusively with Klusons until 1963, so I guess my 1959 Reissue isn’t exactly like the original.  Two)  The Grovers that came on my 355 are not locking tuners and I’ve become VERY biased toward locking tuners.  I tried to get the appropriate locking Grovers (502Gs) to match as closely as possible.  However, they are not available anywhere.  The best forecast I got was from BeyondEleven.  They said they could have some in 3-6 months.  I put some 502Gs on my LP about a year ago and I don’t remember them being that hard to find.  Anyway, I put Ratio tuners the new 355 and they work excellently.  They come with adapters, so no drilling is required (I only make modifications that are 100% reversible and I always keep the original parts).  Apart from fitting perfectly and looking great, the Ratio tuners use different gear ratios for the six different strings.  It surely makes tuning much quicker and more accurate.  I can’t believe nobody thought of different gear ratios before.  Enjoy your ES.

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