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Pickguard mounting


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I am noticing there are two types of the lower pickguard mounts for the ES-335.45.55.(Maybe L P also). 

The simple "bent piece of metal" shows up on some, and the precision looking  lower mount is much different and looks more substantial. Any discussion on this?

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That's a good one.

I think it depends on whether the pickguard is flat to the top or inclined.

On LPs the pickguard is not always flat to the surface so (presumably) the 'bent piece of metal' with the slot in it can be bent a bit more (or less) to fit better.

The 'more substantial' one would be used when the pickguard is flat(ter) to the top.....if that makes any sense. 

And on some guitars I'd bet it would have been whichever type was to hand at time of assembly.

Forum members please correct me if I'm wrong.

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I think it depends on the guitar model and when it was made.  My '63 or so ES125 had a screw going into the side of the guitar and then an L shape bracket with a slot in the middle so you could adjust it slightly.  Currently I have a 356 with a fancy bracket holding the pickguard on.  The side bracket sits right on the top (about same width as binding) then extends down the side with a screw holding it in.  Then there is a hex shaped small bolt running from that to a plastic sleeve under the pickguard and you can adjust the angle of the guard using that bolt to pull it away or push it closer to the pickups.  Seems maybe like overkill as it came set up nicely from the factory and I've never touched it.  My LP has the typical LP bracket holder with the little bolt on the bottom of the guard that can leave a dent in the finish of your guitar.  Here is the fancy 356 one:


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