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An Original early 1960s' ES-335





An Original early 1960's ES-355





The ES-355 adds:


* Ebony Fingerboard

* Larger Block Inlays

* Advanced Binding on Body, Neck and Headstock - similar to Les Paul Custom

* Bigsby (pre-'65) Maestro Vibrola ( post '65)

* Gold Hardware

* With a TRS stereo cable you have Stereo sound - Neck PU Left, Bridge PU Right

* Dual Inductor stereo 6 position VariTone circuit - for BB King Tone

* The ES355 was BB King's main guitar prior to the 1981 BB King Signature model. He recorded bulk of his hits with the ES-355.


The ES-335, ES-345, ES-355 have full size humbuckers and are "semi hollow" - with a solid wood block in the center.


The ES-330 has P90 single coils and is hollow, and considered a more affordable version- - which was marketed widely to non Gibson delears as the Epiphone Casino varient.







Here's the ES-345 - which is basically the model in between the ES-335, and ES-355 - Mono or Stereo Varitone circuit, Rosewood fretboard, split diagonal inlays, Gold Hardware. - This model is has become best known in recent years as the icon for Apple's Garage Band





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Perhaps you should try playing the 355, way richer than any 335 I've tried. There is a 2008 Reissue of the one in the pictureposted by elantric (is that off ebay?) but they've got rid of the stereo and varitone, which haven't always been that well liked.



I don't know if you can embed clips on here but this is a good one from Gregs Guitars. Obviously this has the Maestro vibrato not the Bigsby.

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