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So I have been looking for a maple bodied dreadnought with a short scale fingerboard, and they are rare as hen's teeth.  But my buddies at Sweetwater must have known what I was jonesing for as they commissioned a Sweetwater exclusive Hummingbird with a maple body, and the usual 'Bird 24.75 inch scale.  For some reason they decided to have it painted (stained?) in what they call Viper Blue and I would much rather see a quilted maple in a natural finish so you could see the wood but was more concerned about how it would sound than what color it was.  I think Gibson has a tendency to paint colors over wood that doesn't have great grain patterns - but apparently this is what Sweetwater wanted so it's what they got.  I have no idea how many of them were made.  But it arrived today and I love it.  Very crisp maple tone (without being too bright or trebly), even balance between strings.  Has a Gibson rounded C neck, 12 inch radius, rosewood board and the short scale.  All of which are feature I like most, so it fits in my hand very comfortably and feels familiar.  And the color looks a lot better in person than in photos - the neck looks painted black in photos, but it's really the dark blue as well.  Unlike my "original" Hummingbird it has Grover rotomatic tuners and a plain truss rod cover, same Baggs VTC pickup.


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Very cool. I too would love to hear it. I am considering a made to measure maple J 45. I played a Maple AJ once that blew me away. I figure the bird will sound different from a J-200

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