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Neck Plate Screws Striped. Need Screw Size HELP


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I bought 12 Kramer beretta Specials 3 in each colors in 2021. Candy Blue, Ruby Red & Purple. I currently purchased 3 Kramer Baretta’s in Vintage White. As you know the Vintage White ones have the darker neck fretboard made from Granadillo. My plan was to switch the light maple guitar necks from the purple Kramer’s and switch them with the Vintage White darker fretboard. Giving me 3 Vintage White Kramer’s with the light colored maple necks. In theory it sounds great but as soon as I tried to remove the 1st Purple guitar neck, 2 of the neck plate Phillips screws stripped and the other 2 broke off at the Phillips screw head. Putting this headache aside I now moved onto the 2nd  Purple Kramer and tried this transplant again. This time I was able to remove the maple neck but as I tried  to attach it to the Vintage White Kramer I ended up stripping all four neck screws. With a lot of “RESEARCH” and luck I was able to remove all 4 stripped screws using a special tool with absolutely no damage. Using the special tool they just unscrewed right out. So know I have the Vintage White body, the maple neck (light-colored) and the neck plate just waiting to be put together.
The problem now that I’m facing is that every neck plate screws & neck plate set that I’ve bought online all have the same size SMALL In diameter screws. They’re all too thin, So before I go to Home Depot and try different screw sizes I was just wondering if anybody had information on the Kramer Beretta Special neck plate screw size.

Just an FYI it’s not like I’m Frankenstein-ing different guitar company parts into one guitar. I was just exchanging necks from one Kramer Beretta Special neck to another. Same parts same company.

The only reason that I started this project is because when my Kramer 84 - Matte White body finally arrived I liked  the look of the white body with the light colored maple neck so much that I decided to purchase another Kramer 84. Since I just purchased the matte white I was trying to order the Kramer 84 - Alpine White but I couldn’t find a store that offered it…. so thats how this project started.

If anybody has any knowledge or has tried swapping out guitar necks any help would be appreciated.

Thank you 


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I tried to go to Home Depot as well but could not find suitable replacement screws that would do the job. I called the Kramer support line and they were no help. I also need another neck plate but not available from Kramer or Sam Ashe or guitar center.

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