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Gibson ES-335 125th Anniversary 2019 information please


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Wondering if I can get the history behind this stunning guitar if I ask here at the source. I purchased this beautiful ES-335 125th Anniversary at a local guitar shop in Manchester, NH on Saturday 9/11/21. They are a Legitimate Authorized Gibson Dealer. When I brought her home (I named her Penelope), I tried to do some research online but couldn't find absolutely anything other than a couple of pics from NAMM 2019. I posted a a few pics on Reddit and someone from Gibson was able to give me a bit of information which is as follows:

"Was supposed to start in Memphis since it was a 335. When we moved to Nashville the Supreme's were running but the 335’s were behind. We were focusing on getting the quality on the 335’s and didn’t want to start a fancy guitar. By the time we started running them it was almost past our 125th anniversary. So we never finished the run. Not sure how many we actually made, but I’m almost certain it wasn’t 125 of them. So in short, it’s a rare guitar for sure with an interesting story"

I guess what I'm trying to find out is:

How many of these were actually made / What number out of the batch is the one I own / Was it supposed to come with case candy and if so what? I bought it new but didn't get much in the case other than an original picture from the factory and the warranty card. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

ES335 1.jpg

ES335 2.jpg

ES335 3.jpg

ES335 4.jpg

ES335 5.jpg

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TBH I think this is too rare for folks on this forum to know much about it. 

Beautiful guitar - I googled too, but can't find out anything. 

I don't know if emailing Gibson.com is still worth a try; I never got an answer but that was years ago.

Best wishes!

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