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Whammy bars on a piano whats next?


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2 hours ago, merciful-evans said:

There have been glide wheels on keys for quite a while, but that thing looks industrial strength & built for stage presence. It shakes the whole casing when he smacks it.

Yeah I was thinking that the pitch bend wheel can do the same thing without the shaking part. Cool cover though I can respect that. I own a Yamaha Motif ES8 and it can do the electric guitar thing almost convincingly as well. 

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Unrelated, but in a similar vein, I wonder how this warbling, tremolo piano effect was achieved. 

(Recent re-mix of George Harrison's Isn't It A Pity, mixed by Paul Hicks,  executive production by Dhani Harrison.)

It's really odd, but beautifully haunting. 



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Aw, hell.....

I was expecting to see a tremolo bar on an actual PIANO!  NOT a note bending device on an electronic keyboard, which, like Evans stated, have been on synths for years( 50 or more, if memory serves).

And even though the Hendrix cover IS done well, I suspect the device serves more to try and make him look "cool" whenever he uses it,  and it all could be accomplished with just a simple, standard glide wheel. 

But, can you imagine what a tremolo bar(aka WHAMMY)  on a Story and Clark Spinet would look like?  And where would it be placed?  Or how about on a Steinway concert grand?   Or even an old  upright?  [wink]


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