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Need some help and support here...


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So here's the deal. I'm on hiatus from guitar purchasing for a while. We have a baby on the way in about 8 weeks and apart from the money, there's also the issue of where to put them as the new addition comes with a lot of gear of her own (strollers and other baby accoutrement).


I have even put the heavily discounted and visually stunning Firebird Custom out of my mind for now and probably for definitely. Great looking guitar, not as great sounding as I thought on 3rd, 4th and 5th play...


But now today, along comes this little number:


Hummingbird Custom 1


Now, I should say I own two Hummingbirds and didn't even know that figured Mahogany existed. Nevertheless, $3495 is way out of my price range right now.


Unfortunately, I saw this:


Hummingbird Custom 2


Here is my question. Is there a "Guitar Buyers Anonymous" chapter within the Gibson Forum. If so, I think I need a sponsor. Pronto.


Highly figured Mahogany doesn't sound good, it just looks good, right? Right? Surely there is no good reason for one guy to have three Hummingbirds, right? Right?

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Fortunately for you, that second ebay number you were looking at is gone. But just to put this in the back of your mind--"Yes",, Figured Mahogany sounds better. Every FM guitar I've played has had a gorgeous, rich quality to the tone. So you are most certainly in a world of trouble.


Personally, I've kicked the guitar habit. Can't get very worked up over anything-- I might even sell a couple. Unfortunately, the only ones that turn my head these days are way over the top $$ wise... Like this One:




May the Good Lord Help me-- I love that Guitar.



At least you are obsessed with the obtainable. ](*,)

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No way... I am totally the wrong guy to ask for help! What kind of saves me is my wifes "Trade only" policy which keeps me in check when spending money. Somethings gotta go before something else comes in.


That still does not stop GAS completely. I recently acquired my 2006 Taylor GSMC and it sounds devine, but I seem to be getting more into the Gibson tones lately which now has me gassing for a 1960's LG or similar guitar. My other Taylor and my AJ have such beautiful overtones and sustain but I am wanting a woodier blusey tone in a smaller guitar size most likely, so I have my GSMC on Craigslist to see if I can trade it or sell it to buy what I am looking for. I don't really need 3 guitars that all sustain like crazy when played fingerstyle and the GSMC is my only guitar I own that I haven't fully bonded with. For what it's worth, it has some beautiful Tropical American Mahoganny with a Western Cedar top. The Hog is not quilted like the one on the Bird in the OP's listing, but it is pretty to look at and does sound amazing.






In reality, GAS may be quelled for a bit, but it always rears it's ugly (and sometimes beautiful) head. ](*,)

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With a baby due in a couple of months I see your decision as a no brainer' date=' GAS or not.[/quote']


In a way, brains have nothing to do with (said the guy with 19 guitars already)...:-)


I'm not going to purchase either one, but I did not know these existed and they sure are purdy...

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I love my guitars. Yesterday I played jazz all afternoon and follk until 10:30 PM. Today I will play from noon until 4 PM (Swing Street Band) .. then go to a folk recital by a couple friends. Thursday I'll practice and Friday I play "the Saints" band (jazz) and Sunday the San Diego Folk Jam -- that's how my weeks unfold. BUT.... kids are why we are here (the great adventures to be sure). Mine are 36 and 38 and my grand kids are 2 and 4 and a "reward" for my own two turning my hair white! Looks like you have THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS> Congratulations! [in fact -- the BEST OF ALL WORLDS!]

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