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Capo messing 335 tuning

Neal Williams

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5 hours ago, Twang Gang said:

No disrespect, but you aren't supposed to capo an electric guitar.  That's for acoustic folk singers.  Never saw Les Paul himself or Larry Carleton use a capo.  Just sayin.😜


Keith Richards!

Albert Collins! 

Jimmie Vaughan!

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On 9/18/2021 at 4:47 AM, Neal Williams said:

Its a schubb that I've used for years on my LP. But on my new 335 with D neck it's taking her OOT.

Any one had this? And can you recommend a  capo that's more, um compatible please?


It might just be that the capo is a bit sensitive to the neck or the guitar's string height than on a different guitar, causing the strings running through the capo to bend.  I've had that happen on some guitars.  Its easily remedied by taking a few extra moments to make sure to carefully check that the strings are properly aligned and not bending when the capo is initially put on as well as when it is tightened.  That resolved the issue for me.  After a few times, it became second nature to do that.  I find any brand of capo can cause the same string bending if not put on carefully on some guitar.   Could be that is all that is happening to cause it to be out of tune.


QM aka "Jazzman" Jeff

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