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Dark Fire with Ipv6 over InfiniBand


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Could Gibson make Dark Fire work with InfiniBand instead of Ethernet?


I'm a beginner as far as guitars go, but I have a bit of experience in software and some computing hardware experience. I've been using Ethernet everywhere I worked, and was robbed of a lot of IPs. There's tons and tons of money owing to me, and I never knew that I was being robbed.


InfiniBand/IPv6 is the future. The whole reason I opted for a digital guitar was because I wanted to record even the beginner notes that I play on my guitar on my PC, and if I use Ethernet I'll just get robbed again.


Is MaGIC a competing technology to RTP-MIDI?


I would guess that some folks at Gibson would know about InfiniBand. I've refused to work for all these thieves in my industry unless they roll out IPv6 over InfiniBand in the workplace. There may be some folks at Gibson that are primarily analog guitar craftsmen, but whose expertise is required to create Dark Fire. They should be made aware of InfiniBand.



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