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I don't know, it used to be cool to buy concert programs back in the day.

I found a stack of my old ones the other day that were tucked away in a box in the garage. No they're not for sale, yet.

Do any of you still have some of your old programs. I'm going to frame mine and put them on display somewhere.

Here's a partial list of mine, all are U.S. Tours:


Black Sabbath—Heaven and Hell

Deep Purple—Perfect Strangers


Jethro Tull—Storm Watch


Rush—Moving Pictures

U2—A Kind of Homcoming, Joshua Tree, Pop Tour


And one I got from my parents, Elvis Presley

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My Eric Clapton one from his Slowhand tour got water damaged thru the years - bummer

The only one I have left is Elton John from 1976 (Chicago stadium) - Louder than Concord, but not quite as pretty. I actually have 3 of them - mine, my brothers, and sisters. :-

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