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A gig bag for a guitar over a grand ?


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Why is there not a hard case to protect your investment. If i am paying over 500 dollars  lil lone up to 1900 why would I  be ok w a gig back with no neck support. Its kind of a slap in the face in my opinion.. spending my hard earned dollar on a guitar that ill probably get one chance to buy one that expensive  is ridiculous  to get a gig bag.

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Martin sells a guitar called an SC-13E its $1499.

Martin sells a guitar called a D-15M its $1299.

The more expensive one comes with a gig bag and the less expensive comes with a hard shell case, so . . .  all bets are off as to why?

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I actually prefer a padded, structured gig bag to a hard shell case. 

Cases are heavy, and only really useful to me when shipping or flying with a guitar (which is never really happens in my world). 

My favorites, in that vein?

Ibanez PowerPad.


Gibson Premium Soft Case



Fender FET padded gig bag




I own, by the way, a couple of the Gibson padded gig bags (like this one below). 
I'm not a fan. 
They seem overly tight, like they were made a half inch too short. 



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The gig bag that my ES 139 came in is in the style of the Gibson Premium Soft Case above, but black nylon with webbing straps and the embroidered logo (just "Gibson", no USA); it is reinforced/'structured' like you say.  It'll do as I'm not taking the guitar on gigs but if I was - I'd get a case.   Gig bags are ok for a bolt-on solidbody but pose a potential risk for a set neck or anything remotely fragile...IMO.  

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The Premium Soft Case is actually pretty well constructed and protective, at least from impact. 

I agree with you, $1000 should equal a hard case. It really should. 

But if you look around, a lot of brands don't offer hardcases for $1000 guitars, and haven't for ages. 

Fender might be an exception. I'm not a Fender guy, but I totally respect how they respect their customers, with sane prices, premium import models, and cases for US models. 

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