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Gibson ES-150 DWC phillip’s head screw pole pieces?

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I just picked up a used ES150 DCW, the pole pieces have phillip head screws.  I’ve looked at a lot of Gibson guitars and have never seen this before.  Just so happens it’s the one I just purchased and I’m curious.  
I had the guitar appraised and the pickups are Gibson.  Has anyone ever seen these type of Humbucker pick ups before?0C120894-AAF6-4F76-9EF2-7C7C2F8E9D45.jpeg.f5c476e4609177b1bb489fa3dde791f8.jpeg

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I guess I’ll continue this discussion with myself here.  I was just looking on Reverb at other Gibson ES-150D models for sale.  Turns out 2 other models are currently for sale with the same Phillips head pole screws.  Another walnut finish and a Natural 1971 also.EE1AE8FB-E592-4603-A43C-91E447BF5693.jpeg.1c63a1ddce9b9a0a2b55a16299f1c514.jpegI guess it’s not common but not unheard of .


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Hi Rob

I'm sorry no-one replied before. 

Unusual - I've never seen screws like that in a Gibson pickup.   And I'm no pickup expert; looking at pics of the ES-150 on Google images I can't find any with those screws (though the resolution  isn't good).

So perhaps they just ran out of regular screws or decided to try something different for a while in 1971?   Mysterious!

Best wishes.

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