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Does a Les Paul Axcess sacrifice tone for playability?


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Hello Everyone,

I am in the market for a custom shop Les Paul and am in between a LP Custom, or a Custom Axcess. I am wondering if the axcess sacrifices tone for playability. I am considering only Axcess guitars with stopbars, so no floyds or recessed bridges. I noticed that they were also neck thru design so am wondering if that (hypothetically) is more in favor of better sustain? Additionally, I know they are less wood so that might alter tone. And finally, it should be noted that any of the aformentioned Les Pauls will sound great through a mix  and fx loop. However, I played Les Paul customs and R9s and the feel of the instrument is just so meaty and full to the ears and heart. Hoping the Axcess would be the same. Thanks for any insight. 

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I have a Les Paul Axcess Bengal Burst on order since February. It's supposedly due soon as it "went to press" in August. Haven't had the chance to get one in my hands so I am getting mine on blind faith that the beauty, playability and tone won't be disappointing.

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