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Happy Birthday Gilliangirl!!!!!!!!!!


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Thank you Rlouie! I'll pop over to the AGF and say hi!


Pei, it's snowing here again today. I'm losing my mind!


Gearbasher, glad to see you back. It's weird 'cause I was just thinking about you the other day when we were talking about sprained wrists and other accidents. How are you?


Gitfidl, that's excellent advice!

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I HAVE to come out of self-imposed exile to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Best wishes and many more happy ones to come.


Welcome back mate, missed you ( In a manly way of course!)


All well again now?

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(I am another year younger on Friday as I decided that I better start going backward since I am too close to 50 right now.)


Have a great birthday, GG. Play some special things!


TP, I'm in the same boat (approaching 50). Maybe it's time to try that Benjamin Button thing...

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Happy Birthday Karen.


I suggest that when blowing out the candles' date=' you tie your hair back, to avoid accidents.


That Kyser should do the trick!


Cheers my dear![/quote']


I say forget about using candles..... a bunch of Bob Colosi Bone pins stuck in the cake would be much nicer! (And the cake would sound much better too!!!) :D


And powerpopper.... that Benjamin Buttons thing is just the ticket!

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GG One


May I add my best wishes for a very happy birthday and many more.


Regards' date='




P.S Please keep in mind that it's not the man in your life that counts - it's the life in your man[/quote']

Man? =D> My life consists of 3 guitars, two overweight cats, 3 overweight pigeons (who live in the eavestrough and actually enjoy my guitar-playing on sunny days), and a 1984 Mazda that breaks down more than it runs. I can barely manage that! LOL

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